Handwriting Kanmoji

Simplified Emoji

The Standard in Handwritten Emoji


Actually, Kanmoji was not planned to exist. It was not well prepared at the beginning. When we were designing our Emoji Language : Emojigraphy , we had different concepts we needed to test: whether the ideas were applicable or not, practical or not, or if or not we could polish it more.

We usually test it on our phone because it has emoji keyboard integrated within. And as we did some more tests with more different concepts, we started having difficulties reading and writing Emoji characters quickly and consistently for brainstorming.

This was because we sometimes had ideas or test problems in the middle of commuting, in the supermarket, at lunch, when watching TV, in the middle of an event or discussion, even when we wake up in the morning, and we needed to jot them down quickly and continue with our activities.

We had difficulties when searching for emojis because we don't remember their names, so we prefer to write it, fast, and in a paper if possible.

Then we realized that the emoji was created as a picture in the online environment, within software or apps, and it was never intended for offline purposes.

That was when we noticed the problem. We realized that we need some standard in Handwritten Emoji. We need Simplified Emoji now. We need to write a clear and simple emoji fast. At that moment, Kanmoji was born.

- Emojigraphy Team