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Kanmoji is Simplified Emoji. Just like Simplified Chinese is the simple version of Traditional Chinese character, the simple emoji consists of only lines or strokes like Kanji. In Kanmoji, most Emoji character has its corresponding Kanmoji, and it has additional characters besides original emoji from Unicode Consortium. It has many advantages compared to the original emoji:

Person Bowing Deeply Emoji

This is Person Bowing Deeply Emoji. Its difficult to write this using pencil or pen.

This is Person Bowing Deeply Kanmoji. Its handwritten emoji, and yes its handwritable !

Person Bowing Deeply Kanmoji
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Kanmoji Basic is our first softcopy Book.
It contains 131 Kanmoji characters and the steps required for handwriting them.
Soft launched on 17th January 2018, promo price $2.99

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